Friday, July 31, 2009

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Hey guys! I have decided to keep this blog for when I feel like dishing on celebrities and hollywood news, and I have started a seperate blog for my personal feelings on different things I may be experiencing. You may even get to see pictures of me in my daily life. Please check it out.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mischa Barton is Back

Credit: Tom Vickers/Splash News Online

On July 15th, a non-emergency call was placed to the Los Angeles Police Department. Specifics about the call have not been released but authorities reported to Barton’s residence around 3:00 p.m. and began to assist her with a “medical issue.”

Mischa was rushed to the hospital and placed in an involuntary psychiatric hold. No one knows the exact details as to the condition she was in when the paramedics arrived at her house.

After a couple of days of keeping quiet, Barton's publicist finally did confirm that the actress had been hospitalized, "per the recommendation of her doctor," but he would not comment on the reports that she had been placed under an involuntary psychiatric hold.

Now, after her release from the hospital, Mischa flew to New York on Tuesday to get started on the new sitcom The Beautiful Life.

As you can see from the picture above, she looks great. Hopefully, Mischa will be able to control her issues and heal to find some inner peace with herself.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush Call It Quits

It has been confirmed by their reps that after more than two years together, Kim and Reggie mutually came to the agreement that it was best to break up. Both are very busy, Kim with her show and modeling, and Reggie playing with the New Orleans Saints.

Scheduling conflicts have been keeping the couple apart and causing a strain on the relationship for some time now. For example, Reggie invited Kim to join him in New Orleans during his preseason training but her taping schedule for Keeping Up With the Kardashians would not allow that.

Similar situations were showed during some episodes of the show, notably when Kim was going to miss Reggie’s first game of the season in New Orleans because of work, after already promising that she would not work that weekend.

It was thought at one point that the couple was going to end up married, but looks like that won’t be happening any time soon.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mischa's Body Issues

Sources close to Mischa Barton are coming out and talking about her self-esteem and body image issues.

"She has big self-esteem issues. ... She hates her legs," says a source close to Barton. "She isn't comfortable with her body. It's been a big source of stress and self-hate."

Remember those pictures of Barton's cellulite that were everywhere? Well, surprise, surprise! They were hurtful.

"She had a big problem with those photos of her cellulite. … She didn't like it," says another source. "That just was something that contributed to her spiraling but she didn't do much to fix it because of her partying."

It saddens me that someone as beautiful and as talented as Mischa has such a low self-esteem. Mischa, all girls have cellulite. So what? I know you are under a microscope and that you are hurting right now, but just be aware that your fans truly care about YOU, not what your legs look like.

Details of Mischa's hospitalization and condition are still being kept hush-hush, but we do know that she is making improvements and intends to begin filming the CW's "The Beautiful Life" later this month.

Kelis Goes into Labor

"Milkshake" singer, Kelis, went into labor Tuesday.

Kelis, who filed for divorce from Nas in the beginning of the year after 4 years of marriage, announced her pregnancy in April.

This is Kelis' first child, but second for Nas, who has a 15-year old daughter from a previous relationship.

Details of the birth have not been released or confirmed, but I will keep you guys updated.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Demi's New Up-Doo

Prankster Ashton Kutcher edited a picture of his wife, Demi Moore, and posted it on Twitter. The picture, shown at left, shows Demi sporting a very loud mohawk.

The picture was accompanied by the following Tweet from Ashton, “wifey just got a new hair cut what do you guys think? I love it!”

He later sent Demi a message saying, “I’m just playing baby but I think you’d look great with that cut.” To which Demi replied, “Thank you love. How’bout i shave your initals into my head!” These two are so cute!

Ashton Kutcher’s followers have already seen Demi’s butt in a bikini and Demi missing a front tooth. It seems Ashton enjoys playing pranks on EVERYONE, including his wife. It’s part of his charm, and part of why we love him. Oh, yeah, and he’s easy on the eyes, too.

Mischa Barton's Publicist Keeping Quiet About Hospitalization

Barton's publicist finally did confirm that the actress had been hospitalized, "per the recommendation of her doctor," but he would not comment on the reports that she had been placed under an involuntary psychiatric hold.

Instead, he said that "she is resting in the hospital."

Barton is scheduled to report for work on the new CW series "The Beautiful Life: TBL" on Wednesday, July 22. Barton's rep told the Los Angeles Times that her participation in the show "will ultimately be contingent upon her progress and doctor's orders."

Heigl and Butler Evacuated after Bomb Threat

Stars of “The Ugly Truth,” Katherin Heigl and Gerard Butler had to be evacuated from the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills on Saturday after a bomb threat was made by phone.

The two actors were there promoting their new film when they had to be escorted out with the hotel's other 400 guests. During the evacuation’s two hours, Heigl and Butler were seen talking to the hotel’s other guests before retreating to the Il Cielo restaurant.

At the restaurant, Butler took pictures with members of the AC Milan soccer team, in town to play the Los Angeles Galaxy on Sunday night.

Fortunately, no bombs or dangerous materials were found in the building and all of the guests were allowed back inside after the two-hour wait.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Security Scuffles with Paparazzi at Gosselin Photo Shoot

Kate Gosselin and her 8 kids were in the New York neighborhood of Chelsea on Saturday for a TLC photo shoot, which also included the Duggar family and the stars of "The Little Couple."

Around 3:00 p.m., the Gosselins (minus douchebag Jon, who was busy moving into his new apartment in NYC) left their hotel and were followed by a group of paparazzi. Witnesses say that when the family arrived at the photo studio, security guards attempted to keep the photographers back by using umbrellas, styrofoam boards, and folding event tables. Kate's bodyguard immediately took the children into the studio in order to keep them away from the scuffle.

My take on it: Why do the paparazzi have to be in everyone's face when taking pictures? They sell lenses that'll allow for good shots from a comfortable distance. Bottom line, let the family have some breathing room! I am guilty of wanting to know the details of their family life, too, but when things like this happen around the kids, I get very annoyed! They shouldn't have to witness things like this!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Max and Emme Visit Mommy

Jennifer Lopez’s beautiful twins, Max and Emme, had a chance to go behind the scenes of her new movie, “The Back-Up Plan,” in New York.

Jennifer’s mom and bodyguard watched over the kids while mom was filming the romantic comedy. The film is about a woman, "Zoe," who conceives twins through artificial insemination, only to meet the man of her dreams on the very same day. And yup, you guessed it, Jennifer Lopez plays "Zoe."

The word on the street is that Jennifer and Marc may not be that far off from having more little bundles of joy. Jennifer told an Access Hollywood reporter that she would like to have more, but that she would like some time to recuperate first. Now that the twins are 17 months old, I say, come on guys, “You can do it!”

Maybe soon we’ll have more adorable ones visiting superstar Jennifer Lopez on movie sets or in the studios.

Janet and Jermaine Split

According to Us Weekly, Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri have decided to go their separate ways after almost 7 years of dating.

Sources say that the break-up has been on the horizon for a while now and that they were both moving in different directions.

Jermaine Dupri was the producer for several tracks on Janet Jackson’s last two albums. Some believe that this mixture of their personal and business lives contributed to the split.

Janet, who is reportedly still mourning the loss of her brother, Michael Jackson, and taking care of his kids, is devasted.

Suicide Bombers Bomb a Marriott and Ritz-Carlton in Jakarta, Indonesia

Coordinated bombings were carried out within ten minutes of each other on Friday morning, 1 at the JW Marriott Hotel, and the other at the adjacent Ritz Carlton in Jakarta, Indonesia. The bombs exploded shortly after 8:00 a.m. (9:00 p.m. Thursday ET). The two hotels are connected by an underground tunnel.

Currently, 9 have been reported killed from the explosions, with the injury toll much higher, at around 50.

An unexploded bomb was also found on the JW Marriott’s 18th floor, which is the same floor the suicide bombers were belived to be staying.

The head of security for the Marriott Hotels, Allen Orlob, says that they don’t know how the suicide bombers got through the “robust security” and were able to carry out such an event.

A car bomb also exploded along a toll road in north Jakarta, but authorities are currently not releasing any details.

No terrorist groups have taken responsibility for the event but all eyes are on the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) terrorist group because of their close ties to al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden. An Al Jazeera English reporter claimed that the JI members denied any involvement in the bombings.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mischa Under Involuntary Psychiatric Hold

Mischa Barton has been placed under an involuntary psychiatric hold by the Los Angeles Police Department.

On Wednesday, a non-emergency call was placed to the Los Angeles Police Department. Specifics about the call have not been released but authorities reported to Barton’s residence around 3:00 p.m. and began to assist her with a “medical issue.”

That evening, Barton was placed under an involuntary hold and transferred to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. According to the California Welfare and Institutions Code, the hospital can hold Barton involuntarily for up to 72 hours. Unfortunately, the actress has missed the Thursday evening premiere of her new film, “Homecoming,” in New York City. In the film, Barton plays the role of “Shelby,” the ex-girlfriend of a small-town football player who does whatever it takes to get him back.

The director of “Homecoming,” Morgan J. Freeman, said, “I along with everyone on the ‘Homecoming’ team are saddened to hear that Mischa Barton will not be able to attend the film’s premiere tonight in New York.” He continued, saying, “Her performance in ‘Homecoming’ is fantastic, and she will be missed at our premiere.”

Madonna's Stage Collapses, 1 Killed

Madonna’s July 19th concert in Marseilles, France has been canceled!

According to French police, the “Sticky and Sweet” stage set collapsed today (Thursday) in Marseilles, France at approximately 5:15 p.m. local time, 11:15 a.m. EST.

The top of the stage collapsed, falling on the workers. The heavy lighting that was being suspended (seen in the picture above) injured 6 and killed 1. French officials closed the Velodrome Stadium, where the accident happened, in order to rescue those who were still trapped under the rubble.

Madonna, through a spokesperson, said, “I am devastated to have just received this tragic news. My prayers go out to those who were injured and their families along with my deepest sympathy to all those affected by this heartbreaking news."

The deceased worker has only been identified as a 53-year old French male..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kim's African Adventure

Kim Kardashian, sister Khloe, and NFL football-player boyfriend Reggie Bush are touring Africa for the Russell Simmons Diamond Empowerment Fund. Part of the goal is to raise awareness about the diamond industry and its postive effects.

The group was traveling from Botswana to Johannesburg, South Africa after a day of mining for diamonds. Upon arrival in Johannesburg and trying to get through customs at the airport, Kim realizes she left her passport on the plane!

Customs agents would not allow Kim to go back on plane and search for it, instead they sent their own employees to search. Of course, they claimed they were unable to find it. After a call to the U.S. Embassy, Kim was told that she would have to spend the night at the airport hotel.

Enter: Reggie Bush, NFL football player and modern-day hero.

Reggie sweet-talks the agents into letting him go and search for the passport himself, and bingo! He found it! Everyone was really grateful, especially Kim, of course. And so, the group was able to continue their travels and live happily ever after!

Jon Gosselin, Scumbag?

Good Idea: Getting out of a relationship that makes you unhappy. (Good for you Jon!)
Bad Idea: Parading around St. Tropez with a 22-year old girlfriend 3 weeks after filing for divorce. (Shame on you, Jon!)

Good Idea: Taking a trip to the French Riviera. (Nothing wrong with needing a vacation when you have 8 kids, Jon.)
Bad Idea: Parading around St. Tropez with a 22-year old girlfriend 3 weeks after filing for divorce. (Huge douche bag move, Jon!)

Good Idea: Moving on with your life. (We’ve all had to do it at some point, Jon.)
Bad Idea: Parading around St. Tropez with a 22-year old girlfriend 3 weeks after filing for divorce. (But you never cheated on Kate, right Jon?)

Get it, Jon???

It is true. Jon has admitted that he and Hailey Glassman are dating. He says that they have been friends for several years and only began dating very recently.

Jon claims that he is just a regular guy and is doing something that regular guys do.
Duh! Regular guys are millionaires, with 8 kids, a reality show, and a new 22-year old girlfriend after filing for divorce from their wives of 10 years. I don’t know who the heck Jon hangs out with to think such a stupid thing. Oh, wait, I do know who he hangs out with. Hi Hailey.

Christian Audigier, the mastermind behind Ed Hardy and the person Jon was meeting with in St. Tropez to discuss future employment, claims that Jon is obviously in love. Gag!

While rumors of an engagement are starting to pop up everywhere online, Jon says that he and Hailey are just hanging out and that there are no plans for an engagement.

I only feel bad for his 8 children who will see these headlines in the supermarket lines. Jon claims his children are his number one priority but I doubt he's thinking about them when he’s holding Hailey’s hand, lounging on a yacht in St. Tropez.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Joey McIntyre and Wife Expecting Again

Congratulations are in order for New Kids on the Block singer, Joey McIntyre and his wife, Barrett. They are expecting their second child, a boy, due in December.

The McIntyres thought they were going to have a girl, and even had a name picked out. They were thrown for a loop at the doctor's office when they were told that it's a boy. Joey, who is one of nine kids, says that he and his wife have an agreement to keep going until they have a baby girl.

The expecting parents already have a 20-month old boy named Griffin and feel very blessed to be adding to their family.

Not Another "Scream" Movie

Another Scream movie? Really? I was surprised to learn that Kevin Williamson has already started writing the script for Scream 4, which Wes Craven will hopefully direct.

Also, Courteney Cox-Arquette and David Arquette have already signed on to play roles.
On a sidenote: I love those two. They are so cute.

Anyway, back to the details, the original Scream (1996) was directed by Wes Craven and written by Kevin Williamson, as was Scream 2 (1997). Scream 3 (2000) was directed by Wes Craven, but was written by both Kevin Williamson and Ehren Kruger.

David Arquette will breathe life once again into the role of Deputy Dewey Riley, and wife Courteney will play the bitchy tabloid reporter, Gale Weathers.

Kevin Williamson has confirmed that Neve Campbell turned down the opportunity to once again play Sydney Prescott, who played a teenage highschool student who had lost her mother to a murderer.

All I can say is, hopefully Scream 4 will be good. Wes Craven movies rarely disappoint, but once you go past a trilogy, the writers are usually pulling teeth for ideas to keep the audience interested. We'll see what twists and turns Kevin Williamson can conjure up this time.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ryan Seacrest: Mr. Moneybags!

The details of Ryan Seacrest's new contract are out. He will be making $45 million for the next three years, making him the wealthiest reality tv host ever.

The deal, which had been in a negotiating stage for the past several weeks, requires Seacrest to be exclusive to CKX primetime broadcasting. CKX is the parent company of 19 Entertainment, which produces American Idol.

Seacrest will continue to act as the main anchor on
E! Entertainment and will continue producing Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

No confirmations yet on the deals for the American Idol judges, although all are known to be getting bigger and better deals than they previously had.

Nicole's Cute Bump

Nicole Ritchie enjoyed a day of fun in the sun with Joel Madden in Malibu, California on Sunday. She proudly showed off her adorbale baby bump for the world to see.
Due in late summer, Nicole and Joel have been spending quality time together before their second baby is born.
The pair can be seen around town holding hands and having fun with their first child, daughter Harlow Winter Kate Madden.
The couple, as well as Harlow, are excited for their new arrival.

Neil Patrick Harris to Host Emmy Awards

It’s official, Neil Patrick Harris will be hosting the Emmy Awards this year. The “How I Met Your Mother” star was thrilled to receive the call to host the Emmys after having such a great experience hosting the Tony Awards.

Harris wants to keep everyone intrigued about how he will personalize the night. The 36-year old actor claims he will add his own “voice” to the proceedings, “But which voice to choose? I’m torn between gangsta, foppish Brit, and robot; really proud of my robot. We’ll see what happens on the night,” teases Harris.

The Emmys will be aired live on September 20th from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California.

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo Call it Quits

Online reports claim that Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo have called it quits. Reports claim that on Thursday, Tony decided it was time to part with Jessica, one day before she turned 29. Sources say that it was a long time coming and that they'd fight a lot and go from one fight straight into another.

On Friday, Jessica's birthday and just one day after the split, Tony was seen enjoying the Hollywood nightlife with a large group of friends and without Jessica. Reports say girls were stopping by his table the entire night.

Jessica was planning on having a "Ken and Barbie" themed birthday bash but canceled it to mentally and emotionally recover from the break-up. However, her Twitters lately have been very optimistic, saying things like, "I LOVE GETTING OLDER," and "Everyone needs to know that hope floats…grab the strings and pull it back to you."

Both Tony and Jessica have been very busy lately and it seems the stress form their busy lives caught up to them.

Jessica Simpson's new reality show, The Price of Beauty has been picked up by VH1 and begins shooting this month.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

"America's Got Talent" Will Premiere Mariah's New Video

Mariah's Twitter on Friday stated, "Just wanna let you know that the world premiere of the ‘Obsessed’ video is on ‘America’s Got Talent’ (hosted by NCx0x) Wed.night..July 15th!"

Mariah has been spotted all over New York city in some wacky costumes. Seen left is Carey dressed as Eminem for her video, "Obsessed."
Her lyrics poke fun at the rapper who initiated the battle with his song "Bagpipes from Baghdad" where he calls out Nick Cannon, Mariah's hubby, and claims he wants her back. You can find additional information on the fued in one of last week's posts titled, "A Cross-dressing Mariah!"

America's Got Talented is hosted by Nick Cannon.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jon and New Girlfriend in Saint-Tropez

Well, well, well. Lookie what we have here! Jon Gosselin and
his girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, the 22-year old daughter of
Dr. Glassman, the plastic surgeon who performed Kate's tummy tuck.

I was going to say "Jon Gosselin and his new girlfriend," but supposedly these two have been secretly dating for a couple of months. This is the same young lady who was caught on surveillance video enjoying drinks and particpating in flirty behavior with Jon at the Bourbon Street Bar in Nyack, New York in May. The couple is enjoying a romantic trip in Saint-Tropez where they are to meet with Christian Audigier, the Ed Hardy mastermind who is supposedly going to be offering Jon a job. What a hook-up!

I do believe that both Jon and Kate should move on with their lives, but is it too early? Is Jon being a little irresponsible? Let's not forget that he has 8 children, 2 of them are 8-year old girls that can read magazine titles at the supermarket and can probably search the internet at the school library. Are we still supposed to believe his comments about never cheating on Kate when two weeks after separating he's already taking trips and holding hands with the very same, uhm, young lady, that he's been spotted with many times before? Yeah, right, Jon, and I'm going to make millions blogging!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Mucho Moo-la for Seacrest

Getty Images

All of the American Idol judges are reported to be negotiating new deals that will increase their pay, but to be announced Monday are the juicy details of Ryan Seacrest’s new deal to continue hosting the show.

The contract is said to be for 3 additional years, but no specifics on the exact amount, yet. Last season, Seacrest raked in almost $5 million, averaging about $100,000 per episode and this contract is expected to be bigger and better. It will make Seacrest one of the highest paid reality show hosts on television.

Seacrest keeps plenty busy with his radio shows and producing “Keeping up the Kardashians” and “Denise Richards: It’s Complicated,” but it looks like American Idol continues to be his big payday. Although the show’s ratings have decreased slightly the past couple of seasons, it is still the highest-rated reality show on television.

Keep up the good work, Seacrest. And, don’t let Simon get away with his rude comments!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Love You, Beth Boob-er???

Hayden Panettiere, the goody two shoes cheerleader that we learned to love on the hit show "Heroes" has a lead role in the new summer comedy "I Love You Beth Cooper."

But as far as she is concerned, all is not kosher with the final cut of the movie. At the preview Hayden received a little surprise, her side boob on a giant screen.

Not something that I particularly care for, and apparently neither does Hayden. The 19 year old actress was shocked while watching her sex scene at the movie preview.

Of course, she knew that she was nude while she was filming, but the PG-13 rating made her think that the scene would be rather innocent. So when she saw the side of her boob on a giant screen, she was a bit speechless. Sorry, Hayden, but you should know not to trust Hollywood producers.

A Cross-dressing Mariah!

Fame Pictures

Back in 2001, Mariah Carey and Eminem had a very brief courtship and it seems Eminem has never really let go.

Those who have heard Eminem's "Bagpipes From Baghdad" have heard the lyrics, "I want another crack at ya." And, "Nick Cannon better back...up. I'm not playing, I want her back, you punk.'"

Mariah is standing by her man and has retaliated with her new song "Obsessed," where she sings, "You're so lame....Oh boy, why you so obsessed with me? Oh finally found a girl that you couldn't impress, last man on the earth, still couldn't get this."

The video includes Mariah Carey dressed as Eminem.
(shown above)

Eminem stated on BBC radio that he wasn't expecting Nick Cannon to take it in a bad way. Of course not, Eminem, you're job is to make fun of everyone with rude and out-of-line lyrics and everyone is supposed to take it like they take a walk in the park.

Us Article

Lohan Gets Sued!

Lindsay Lohan is in trouble again. Goodness! She just can't seem to catch a break. Poor, rich, little baby.

Lohan was working with two scientists, Jennifer Sunday and Lorit Simon, to develop a tanning line. Now, both Lohan and Simon are being sued by Sunday for breach of contract, theft of trade secrets, civil conspiracy, intentional interference with contractual relations, and deceptive and unfair trade practices. What a mouthful!

According to Lohan, she helped create the secret formula for the tanning product, but Sunday disagrees. She claims that Lohan had no role in the development of the formula, but partnered up with Simon and began selling it at Sephora for $35, a price that Sunday never agreed to.

-Us Weekly Article

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So, Where is Michael Jackson?

Some ask this question repeatedly, and yet, they get no answer. Although Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills, California was the site of a private service for the King of Pop’s close family and friends, they are not releasing any details as to whether Michael Jackson’s body will be, or has been interred at the park.

After the private service at Forest Lawn, the icon’s body was transported to the Staples Center for the public memorial service. At the end of the public service, the Los Angeles Police Department did an excellent job managing the crowds and preventing anyone from following the casket to its next location.

Some do believe that Michael Jackson will be resting at Neverland Ranch, but this rumor has not been confirmed, and it is highly unlikely since only a small share of ownership in the estate was retained by Michael Jackson.

For now, we will just have to accept the fact that we may not know where the burial ground is located for some time, if ever. For the time being, the Jackson family doesn’t want millions of people visiting their beloved’s gravesite, and that is something that we should all respect.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Memorable Memorial

Only 11,000 fans were lucky enough to get seats inside the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on Tuesday for Michael Jackson's Memorial. The star-studded memorial included speeches and performances by well-known celebrities who were friends with the late King of Pop.

An article on includes a direct quote from Paris Katherine Jackson (11), Michael Jackson's daughter, stating that he was "the best father you could ever imagine." Paris fought back the tears as she joined the rest of the Jackson family in mourning their great loss.

Brooke Shields, who had been friends with Jackson since she was 13, gave an emotional goodbye, as did Berry Gordy, founder of Motown Records, Queen Latifah, Martin Luther King III, and Rev. Sharpton, just to name a few.

Emotional performances by Usher, Mariah Carey and Trey Lorenz, John Mayer, Jermaine Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Lionel Ritchie brought tears to those who were watching, and loving messages were read from Nelson Mandela and Diana Ross.

The memorial came to an end with beautiful renditions of Heal the World and We Are the World performed by Michael Jackson's family, celebrity friends, and band members gathered together on stage. It was an emotional event for everyone who witnessed it, and there is no doubt that the King of Pop will live in our hearts forver.

Jon and Kate: Red Light, Green Light

Looks like Jon and Kate are getting the private time they need. TLC network has temporarily stopped the show until August, giving the family some time to recoup. But some believe that the show should stop production completely because it is no longer Jon AND Kate Plus 8, and now has a more somber tone because of the divorce.

Okay, so, this is true, but the show can be beneficial to other families who are going through divorce. The world is not come to an end because of divorce. Eventually, the clouds part and rays of sunshine are felt once again. It does take time, and that is why I think the show should continue.

Jon and Kate are very good parents and there are a lot of adults who I think can really learn from them. Yes, they are getting a divorce, but they always keep their children’s interests at the forefront of every decision they make. Unfortunately, not all parents do that.

There are also those who think that the children are being exploited for money. That is a thought that really makes me angry. I don’t deny that it seems as though Kate has been enjoying celebrity status, but does anyone know how much it costs to raise 8 children?

So what if part of the reason why they are doing the show is for the money! They need it! A nurse and a techie would have never been able to raise 8 children with the modern conveniences that those of us from smaller families take for granted.

Shame on you for thinking low of them if that happens to be one of the reasons why they chose to film or continue filming!

Jon and Kate 4th of July

I’m happy to report that Jon and Kate celebrated the Independence Day holiday together with all eight of their children. Although the couple is getting a divorce, it’s nice to see them come together for the sake of their children. I admit, I would love to see Jon and Kate back together, working as a team to raise their wonderful kids, but it’s great that they are at least civil to each other. I keep hoping that this is all a plot to increase ratings. Only time will tell.

Monday, July 6, 2009

My Michael Jackson

Recently, I moved into a new house. Overwhelming stacks of boxes along every wall in every bedroom and living space threatened to cave in at any moment. I started with one box and I used a box cutter to open it up. The scent of cardboard hovered and I was anxious to see what I was going to find in these boxes; some really old, brought over from my mom's attic.

The first box was so stuffed with random trinkets that the flaps burst open as soon as the sharp rusty edge of the box cutter glided along the top. There was an old blanket that I vaguely recalled being mine when I was a child. I looked at it and smoothed my hand over the soft cotton. Then something else caught my attention. An old fashioned cassette recorder; big, bulky, black, and there was a tape inside.

I quickly ran and grabbed batteries to see if it still worked. I rewound the tape to the beginning and pressed play. To my surprise a familiar sound played. An introduction of some sort, then the beat quickly picked up and it was obvious...Thriller. I found myself slowly nodding my head to the rhythm of the beat, then tapping my foot. I stood up, "Cause this is Thriller! Thriller Night!"

At this point, I am singing at the top of my lungs, while stepping into a side squat position, bringing my arms up and draggin my foot to bring my step together. Then making claws with my hands and bringing them up to chest height as I turned left, right, left and stepped, then right, left, right and stepped. Luckily for me, nobody was around, because I'm ashamed to say, I looked like a Velociraptor on drugs instead of someone who was doing some Thriller dance moves. Of course, attempting the moonwalk was inevitable, as well. Emphasis on the word "attempting."

The song comes to an end and then there is the voice of a young girl. She is talking to her mom who is telling her that it's time to take a bath. The little girl wants to keep listening to "my Michael Jackson," as she called him. I realized that the little girl on the recorder was me and the mom was my own mother. It all came back. I loved Michael Jackson. I would play Thriller over and over again and my mom would have to plea with me to get me to do anything from eating to bathing.

He was "my Michael Jackson." That's what I called him. "No, mom, I want to listen to my Michael Jackson." My mother heard that everyday, multiple times a day. And now, about 25 years later, he is gone. Up until that very moment, when I uncovered the cassette recorder, I had forgotten about "my Michael Jackson," and the great childhood memories I have of listening to his music and trying to imitate his dance moves. I pray that Michael Jackson finds the peace in heaven that he could not find on Earth. He will forever be in my heart as "my Michael Jackson."

Am I guilty?

Sometimes I read the celebrity gossip pages and I end up feeling sort of guilty. Is it really okay to invade someone’s private life and spread rumors about them just because of their job title or celebrity status?

A lot of entertainment reporters can sometimes go overboard with their comments. And the paparazzi? Forget it! They only care about the money they can make for their intrusive pictures. But honestly, who do we have to blame for their behavior except ourselves?

We are the ones who buy the gossip magazines, watch shows like The Insider and TMZ, and encourage the behavior. However, I am just as guilty as the next person. I pick up the gossip magazines when I’m in line at the supermarket to see who is wearing what, who is dating who, and who is in rehab, or jail, or both. Reading that juicy piece of information is almost better than chocolate.

But, when photographers are hiding in bushes, I think it’s a problem. They obviously don’t care about anyone’s privacy in the least. I understand that there are those stars who thrive on it; on the paparazzi standing outside their property, waiting for them to go outside and start snapping away three times per second. But there are others who hate it. It negatively affects their lives.

Take Britney Spears, once our little pop princess adored by everyone, and now someone with serious issues. When asked by a paparazzi why she shaved her head, she said, “Because of you!”

Sometimes it makes me sad for all of the celebrities who don’t deserve the bad-mouthing or the daily intrusion of their private lives, but other times, I feel like they should know that it comes with the territory of being a celebrity, and they should just accept it. Should I feel any guilt for my celebrity gossip cravings?