Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Not Another "Scream" Movie

Another Scream movie? Really? I was surprised to learn that Kevin Williamson has already started writing the script for Scream 4, which Wes Craven will hopefully direct.

Also, Courteney Cox-Arquette and David Arquette have already signed on to play roles.
On a sidenote: I love those two. They are so cute.

Anyway, back to the details, the original Scream (1996) was directed by Wes Craven and written by Kevin Williamson, as was Scream 2 (1997). Scream 3 (2000) was directed by Wes Craven, but was written by both Kevin Williamson and Ehren Kruger.

David Arquette will breathe life once again into the role of Deputy Dewey Riley, and wife Courteney will play the bitchy tabloid reporter, Gale Weathers.

Kevin Williamson has confirmed that Neve Campbell turned down the opportunity to once again play Sydney Prescott, who played a teenage highschool student who had lost her mother to a murderer.

All I can say is, hopefully Scream 4 will be good. Wes Craven movies rarely disappoint, but once you go past a trilogy, the writers are usually pulling teeth for ideas to keep the audience interested. We'll see what twists and turns Kevin Williamson can conjure up this time.


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