Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Paula Will Not Return to Idol

American Idol's Season 9 will be back on the air in January of 2010 minus one judge. Paula has decided that she will not return to American Idol for its 9th season because she was not offered a "fair" deal.

The conflict began when Ryan Seacrest signed a $45 million, 3-year deal, making him the highest paid reality tv host ever.

The three other judges, Simon, Randy, and Kara, all received deals that they were happy with.

However, Paula could not be pleased.

Abdul, who felt she was worth $20 million, was only offerred about half of that. And so, we have a new season of American Idol with the original 3-judge platform.

I did think that American Idol would eventually return to 3 judges, but I, just like most other people, thought Kara would be the one to go.

It really makes you wonder if this was a plan to get Paula out and already have a good replacement set up. Having Kara come in as a judge at a time when controversy and negative press with Paula was at a high, producers were able to get the audience used to Kara, and have her train (for lack of a better word) for an entire season. Thereby alleviating any stress that would accompany replacing Paula this season.


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