Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sick of Jon and Kate

Okay, so, I have written about Jon and Kate Gosselin in the past and here I go again, right? But wait, this is a different type of post. This is an "I'm sick of them" post. When are we going to start talking about something else in the media or maybe about real celebrities?

Jon and Kate say that they don't do it for the publicity but Kate goes on Larry King Live and on the cover of People, while Jon schmoozes with the paparazzi and talks to them about his life and relationships, or whatever he calls them.

I just wish they would really take their kids into account like they keep saying they do. This is a terrible time for them and they shouldn't be going on television interviews or talking to the paparazzi. I'm so sick of both of them and their immaturity.

It's so frustrating. Any thoughts from you all?


Anonymous said...

I agree! They're running themselves in the ground.

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